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Self-taught professional photographer located near Agen (47) passionate about images since my childhood.


It all started with my grandfather, one of whose passions was portrait photography. I started by serving him as a mini model, then accompanied him later in my childhood to the laboratory he had installed at his home in order to develop the silver negatives of the time. We were then far from the digital age. You will understand, this is where I got this interest in photography.


This passion has always followed me, so I acquired my first digital camera in 2001. It was in 2013 that I took the plunge and concentrated assiduously in the continuous improvement of my technique.


The year 2015 is also an important year in my photographic evolution, with the establishment of a real studio, equipped with professional equipment.


In 2018, I created a group on social networks, bringing together photographers and models from the region in order to exchange, help each other, and organize a number of events around this common passion that is photography.


My will, my pleasure has always been, and will remain to provide happiness through the image. A successful photography result is in my opinion mainly linked to the complicity and trust between the photographer and his subjects. This is why I attach a particular importance to good humor during my sessions.


You want a book or simply have beautiful photos, I make them for you. Fashion, Couple, Pregnancy, Birth, Christening, Marriage, Glamor, Portrait, Self-confidence through image (Photo-therapy)…

At home, outside or in the studio, I immortalize your projects in conviviality and good humor.


You can contact me and follow my work also on social networks:

Facebook: Nicolas Lambecq

Instagram: nicolaslambecq

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