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Regaining self-esteem is possible through photography!

Dare to be yourself, love yourself, assume yourself and have confidence in yourself. It seems insurmountable

I often hear "I'm not photogenic", "I'm too old, too old", "I'm ugly", "I don't like my body".

Yet with a photographer who knows how to place his light and adapt it to a person's physique, it's an easy thing. No need to have a top model physique to take photos and look pretty.

I am convinced that photography is a fabulous personal development tool for those who have lost some self-esteem. From my photographic experience, I realize that everyone has complexes, including some professional models (no, you are not dreaming!)

We are focused on what is not perfect in us, my job is to highlight what is beautiful in you. It's Photo Therapy

How it works ?

We get in touch, organize a first meeting over a coffee to better understand your blockages and desires. It is also for me the means of knowing your personality and thus making photos which resemble you, which sublimate you.

We then agree to an appointment for the session, it can be in the studio, outdoors, at home, ...

A "beauty" offer by a professional makeup artist is also possible.


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